While the combat in Soul Hackers 2 is fought by your main heroes, they use the power of Demons to unleash their attacks. Different Demons have a large variety of offensive and defensive abilities, which you can choose and use to suit your play style. So, how do you get more Demons in Soul Hackers 2?

Soul Hackers 2: Getting more Demons

There are several ways to get more Demons in Soul Hackers 2. The first way you’ll come across it is through Demon Recon. When you enter a dungeon, your current Demons will have scouted ahead for you. As you find them scattered around the map, you can interact with them to get healed and gain items—but they might also introduce you to a new Demon. If so, you can make a contract with them by usually spending Yen or items to have them join your team. However, be careful. If Ringo’s level is too low, or you have too many Demons, they may refuse to travel with you.

Once you have a few Demons and have reached the Roppo Realm area of the city, you can visit the Cirque du Goumaden. At Crique du Goumaden, you can get Demons more interestingly—by fusing the ones you have into new Demons. This process, Demon Fusion, sees you meld two (or even three later in the game) Demons together to make a more powerful one. You choose the skills the new Demon gains from the previous ones, allowing you to craft Demons that perfectly fit your style. However, this does come at a price. Summoning Demons can cost quite a bit of Yen. But the results can be game-changing.

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