With Lost Ark, you can sail the sea with a Crew that you trust. You will get your first Crew after completing East Luterra and getting your first ship, but they’re not much help.

To obtain more Crew members, you must complete the main storylines on each continent. Players will be able to add Crew to their ships only after their storyline has been completed on islands like Vern North, Arthentine, and Tortoyk. Your ship becomes faster, more durable, and more powerful with the Crew members assigned.

Depending on the continent you have completed, your Crew will improve. The Crew from Tortoyk is better than the one you got in East Luterra, and the Crew from Arthentine is better than those from Tortoyk. The Crew members can be mixed and matched as you earn more slots.

How to get more Crew slots in Lost Ark

As a starter, you will only have one Crew member slot. You will need to upgrade your ship to have more slots. Leveling up your ship will increase its durability and resistance to hazardous waters. Every few levels, you will unlock another slot for your Crew.

When you reach ship level 5, three Crew slots are available. 

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