Chief stamina is a crucial resource to manage in the mobile game State of Survival, as without it, you can’t do any missions or perform tasks like sending out marchers. That said, In this guide, we will explain how to get more Chief stamina in State of Survival.

State of Survival How to get more Chief Stamina 

To get more stamina for your Chief for free, you can either level up your Chief, find boosters during hunting events, or get more from daily drops.

In order to level your Chief, you will need Chief EXP. You can get Cheif EXP by opening free VP loot crates, doing daily tasks, and completing showdowns. Along with all that, completing growth and rally intel missions will also reward you with some Chief EXP. For more ways to get Chief XP, check the list below.

  • Opening Honor crates
  • Doing Plague zones

During Travis hunting events, you can also find stamina boosters from rucksacks, which then can be used to boost your stamina bar back up to full. Next, you can save 20% of all your stamina by finding and getting the hero Travis. To find Travis, you will need ten fragments, and after you get them, you will get a Travis location event. Complete it, and you will get them as a new hero.

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