You are one of two builders who live in Sandrock in My Time at Sandrock. Your job is to restore the town to its former glory by building up your workshop and fulfilling requests from the townsfolk. To do this, you will need to get blueprints, or diagrams, for various machines. This may leave you wondering how to get more blueprints in My Time at Sandrock.

To get more diagrams in My Time at Sandrock, you must find Data Discs. You can then give these to Qi, who runs the Research Center. When you have enough Data Discs, you can trade them in to learn new blueprints. You will still need to collect the required materials to build the devices, though.

How to get Data Discs

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Data Discs are an item you will need to get more blueprints/diagrams in My Time at Sandrock. The most common way to get these is by exploring Abandoned Ruins, gathering scraps, or purchasing them. Here is where to find Data Discs in My Time at Sandrock.

Where to get Data Discs

To find Data Discs, you will need to use the Relic Detector in Abandoned Ruins, collect them from scrap piles, or purchase them from the Eufaula Salvage Shop. The Relic Detector will pinpoint their location, making it easy to dig them up.

You can find scrap piles all over the desert surrounding Sandrock or in the scrapyard behind your workshop. Lastly, Eufaula Salvage Shop can be found in front of the scrapyard. While you will get most of your Data Discs from Ruins, don’t neglect scrap piles or the shop if you need one in a pinch.

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