To get modules in Glitchpunk, players will need to locate pawnshops and purchase them for a certain amount of credits. 

Players can find pawnshops by locating two boxes and arrows icons on the map. See the image below for an example, or check the in-game map legend to the left of your screen when the map is open.

At these pawnshops, you can find various modules being sold. These modules, if you didn’t know already, are also how you get hacks in the game. 

Certain modules will provide various bonuses and abilities you can use to gain an advantage over various opponents, like making them go into a killing frenzy or adding to your total focus.

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That said, you’ll also need money to buy these modules from pawnshops. You can get them from farming missions in the game. 

You can get a mission by visiting a faction contact phone which can be located via the phone icon on the map. 

Accept the mission and complete it to earn enough money to purchase some new modules. You can also sometimes earn modules from completing missions. To earn modules this way, simply look for a mission that has a module under the list of rewards. 

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