Lost Ark is Smilegate RPG’s MMO, and it features a ton of content. This includes monsters, items, quests, and collectibles. There are different collectibles in the game that the player can find as they play. If you open your Adventure Tome, you will see specific items at the top. One of these is Mist-bearing Gourd Bottle in Lost Ark.

Where to farm the Mist-bearing Gourd Bottle in Lost Ark

You might be wondering where to find and farm Mist-bearing Gourd Bottle in Lost Ark. These are located on the continent Anikka. These drops seem to be random and not specific to certain enemies.

We got ours from Azure Lion Masks. The drop rate seems to be fairly low, so filling up your Adventure Tome will take a while and require you to kill many enemies.

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This means you do not have to farm mobs in one location. You can progress through the game, killing enemies, and eventually, you will collect them. Those looking to complete the Adventure Tome will need to collect 25 Mist-bearing Gourd Bottle drops.

Farming any kind of mob in Anikka should eventually get you enough of the Mist-bearing Gourd Bottle drops to complete this collectible challenge. This may take you some time due to the drop rates. So, get out there and happy hunting!

The following other collectibles you need to complete the Anikka Adventurer’s Tome are:

  • The Epic Tale of Sien
  • Tome of Despair
  • The Secret of Anikka Cuisines
  • Scrollmaiden’s Sealing Charm
  • Fiend Mask
  • Giant Flower Petals

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