If you are playing Cookie Clicker right now, you might feel as if getting a hang of the intricacies of the game is a bit difficult. What is Milk? And how do you even begin to obtain it? Don’t worry! We’ve got a helpful guide below that will assist you in getting all the Milk you need in Cookie Clicker!

What is Milk in Cookie Clicker?

In Cookie Clicker, Milk is a resource that is an integral part of the game. Milk allows players to get upgrades from the Kitten series. There are many different Milk colors and names that you may see in the game, but they have no different effects. Instead, the different colors and names reflect the percentage of Milk that has been earned by the player.

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How to Get Milk

To get Milk in Cookie Clicker, you will need to complete achievements. The unlocked achievements used to get Milk are of the non-shadow variety. To unlock achievements, you will need to play the game as normal and watch your achievements tabs as you go. If you are playing very early on, you don’t need to worry as much about what achievements to do, since they will be very easy early on. For example, some early achievements include: bake one cookie in one ascension, bake one cookie per second, have one cursor, etc.

As you continue to get more achievements, you will see your milk change in the Achievements tab.

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