There are many Espers to collect in Dislyte. These various characters take on one of four roles, and you will need to build a balanced squad if you want to succeed. When it comes to Controller Espers, Melanie is pretty strong. This may leave you wondering how to get Melanie in Dislyte.

The only way to get Melanie in Dislyte is to purchase her through the Club Shop. To unlock Melanie, you will need 30 Medusa Fragments. Each Medusa Fragment costs 200 Club Points, so you will need to grind for some time to get her. We recommend joining or creating a club with a lot of members and completing as many tasks as you can.

Being active in your club will speed up the time it takes to get Melanie. Don’t spend your Club Points on anything besides Medusa Fragments until you have unlocked her to help as well.

Who is Melanie?

Melanie is an Esper not aligned with the Esper Union or Shadow Decree. She is a wanderer and works as a bartender. She is a Controller with the Shimmerer element and has the power of Medusa. But you may be wondering if Melanie is good.

Should I use Melanie?

Melanie is a strong Controller in the early and mid-game. Her abilities allow her to manipulate AP, which can control the flow of battle. While she is a good choice for your squad, there are better Controllers like Celine, Pritzker, and Lucas who outshine her. We recommend using her until you get one of these Espers.

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