A pre-order bonus for Total War: Warhammer 3, The Ogre Kingdoms are among the most unique factions in the game. Relying on Outposts and Meat for their playstyle, it can be strange to play as ogres when you’re used to the more “civilized” playstyle of others.

To obtain their crucial resource of Meat, you’ll need to engage in battle. Use the post-battle option to grant Meat to the Ogre Kingdoms units.

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To check on your Meat, look for the number below your Legendary Lord’s icon. This will detail how much Meat is incoming and how much your army is consuming each turn.

Buildings within cities and Camps will also provide Meat. Camps provide Meat to Ogre armies away from cities, while sticking close to a city and garrisoning it will also provide a unit with Meat.

Butchers, a Hero type for Ogres, can also give a passive Meat bonus to the army if they join one.

Calancing Meat and combat is key to the Ogre Kingdoms’ playstyle. You’ll need to battle, keep supply lines strong, and constantly be harvesting Meat to keep your vicious ogre forces ready for battle. If you run out of Meat, you will be blighted with attrition and other detrimental effects in your territory.

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