Matrix Data Packs are required to upgrade Matrices in Tower of Fantasy and can drastically increase the effects of the player’s weapons. Collecting Matrix Data Packs can be done through various activities in the game such as Bounty Missions or Joint Operations. Players can also purchase Matrices themselves from the Store and obtain the means to upgrade them there as well. This is how to get Matrix Data Packs in Tower of Fantasy.

How to obtain Matrix Data Packs in Tower of Fantasy

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Matrix Data Packs are used to upgrade Matrices and can be obtained through several different means.

  • Dimensional Trials – Sets of modes that players can use Vitality for in order to obtain various rewards.
  • Bounty Missions – Missions found as a purple icon on the map that rewards players with various rewards. These can be tracked in the Daily Bounty section of the menu.
  • Cracked Password Chests – Various chests found on the map that can be deciphered or forced into for various rewards.
  • Omnium Beacon – A Level 28 Adventure where players hide a Beacon and are rewarded based on how well they hid it.
  • Mia’s Kitchen – A free bonus that players can redeem three times a day to obtain various rewards. This is found in the Adventure menu.
  • Points Store – A store where players can redeem their Training Points to obtain various items such as Gifts and Matrix Data Packs.
  • Matrix Store – A store where players can use Base Chips after using Proof of Purchases in the Special Orders store. The Base Chips can be used to purchase either Matrices or Matrix Data Packs.

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How to get Training Points in Tower of Fantasy

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Training Points can be obtained by going to Training Facilities in different areas of the map. Each Facility will correspond to two training courses and will reward players will a range of Training Points based on their performance. To earn more Training Points, players will have to seek harder Training Facilities and continue to do it every day. Each Training can only be completed once per day and there are five different types of Training Courses that the player can do.

  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Technique
  • Battle
  • Agility

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