If you have your eyes on a NewTube resident, you may wonder how you can get them to be your spouse. Have no fear! While marrying a character in Youtubers Life 2 takes some time, it’s pretty simple.

Cultivate Your Relationship

You can talk to many different characters in NewTube City. Whether it is Joy, Blaire, or Adam, there are plenty of potential options for romance. Try not to only focus on one character as a romantic option, as you may have better luck with another character. That being said, you also don’t want to spread yourself too thin.

Make sure to talk to your love interests each day and give them gifts often. Whenever you reach the four hearts relationship level, you will start to move away from a platonic friendship and towards a romantic relationship with mechanics like flirting.

Dating and House Keys

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Once you have reached the flirting stage with a character, you will likely need to pick one person to court and work on interacting with them. Now, you will need to talk with them, give them gifts, and flirt heavily. You will eventually reach six hearts and can now date them!

Now that you have got to this level, you’ll want them to move in with you, which is needed to get married eventually. Go to City Hall and ask the person at the front desk for a second house key. You can then give this to your partner.

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Get the Ring

Now, it is time to propose to your partner. While you don’t have to max out the six hearts to propose, you can if you wish. You will not be able to unlock the seventh level of the relationship until after marriage, so consider this during the engagement period. You’ll also need to be saving up a couple of thousand dollars to buy an engagement ring.

You can find the ring at Gianni’s VIP Section, the fancy boutique in City Hall. Buy the ring and present it to your partner to propose. They should accept, and a cut scene showing you getting married will occur. You’re now married!

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