In Tower of Fantasy, you will need various items and materials to enhance and augment weapons. Players will come across massive colored crystals that can be destroyed to obtain Elemental Ores. These Elemental materials you find in-game grant special elemental powers to specific weapons. The Magcore is a crystal with volt elemental powers. Here’s how players can find the Magcore in Tower of Fantasy. 

Where to find Magcore in Tower of Fantasy?

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Players can obtain Magcore through several methods in Tower of Fantasy. You will find massive purple crystals that can be destroyed to obtain Magcore. Players will need a Volt elemental weapon to destroy the purple crystals. Alternatively, you can pick up and throw Volt Cores to break these purple crystals. 

Players can also obtain Magcore by exchanging Black Gold in the Weapon Store. The Support Store also has Magcore which can be obtained by exchanging Support Points. Magcores can be used to enhance Volt elemental weapons, and you can also Fuse them to get higher rarity ores. For example, players need to Fuse four Magcores to obtain a Heart of Lightning.

The elemental purity increases with Rarer ores, and it’s best to stock up on Magcores before using them. Weapons like the Venus, Dual EM Stars, Thunderblades, Staff of Scar, Thunderous Halberd, and some of the Volt elemental weapons players will obtain in Tower of Fantasy. You will need Magcore to enhance and augment these weapons. These elemental crystals are also rewarded to players for completing various quests and milestones in Tower of Fantasy.

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