How to get Madara in Roblox Anime Warriors

Anime Warriors is one of the latest gacha-style anime games on the Roblox platform. Similar to any other anime-based game, Anime Warriors features a lot of playable characters, and one among those is Madara. He is a 6-star hero and currently the best DPS character in the game, making him the most sought out banner among the players. Unlike other heroes that can be unlocked using the summon banners, Madara can only be obtained by purchasing the Season 1 release Battlepass.

How to purchase the Roblox Anime Warriors Battlepass

To purchase the Battle Pass, follow the given steps.

  • Open the Roblox Anime Warriors and click on the Battlepass icon on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Buy the Kami Pass of 799 Robux Coins. If you do not have Robux coins on your account, recharge your Roblox account. Currently, 800 Robux Coins are available for 10$.
  • After purchasing the Battlepass, you will immediately get Madara. You don’t need to level up or reach higher tiers to get the unit. He is a complimentary hero for purchasing the Battlepass.
  • Visit your inventory, and you can add Madara to your current lineup.

Is there a free way to get Madara in Roblox Anime Warriors? 

You cannot obtain Madara through summoning, and purchasing the Battlepass is the only way to get the character. Also, being a battle pass hero, the unit may not be available after the season pass ends unless or until the developers decide to reintroduce it.

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