There are 10 different kinds of collectible items in Lost Ark that you can seek out and hand in for rewards. Mokoko Seeds are the most plentiful, with more than 1,000 to find in the game. But with around 100 to collect, all on different islands in the sea, Island Souls are the next most collectible item you can hunt for. Here we’ll discuss how to get the Lullaby Island Soul in Lost Ark.  

Where is the Lost Ark Lullaby Island Soul?

While not intrinsically difficult, Lullaby Island’s Island soul is a tricky and time-consuming one to get. But as you need to do the quests here anyway to get the important sheet music Forest’s Minuet, you are at least killing two birds with one stone. To get the Island Soul, you need to participate in the co-operative quest Magick Melody, which has a random chance of rewarding you with the item you desire each time you complete it.

The Magick Melody co-op quest happens every two hours. You can set an alarm for it by clicking the clock in the blue tab on the top left of your screen. Open it, click set an alarm, then find Islands and turn on the alarm for Lullaby Island. It’s important to note that you need Song of Resonance to complete this co-op quest. If you don’t have it yet, you can buy it on the main deck of the ship at Peyto Island for 16,800 pirate coins.

Once on Lullaby Island, go to the spot on the map marked Secret Entrance. When the quest starts, any one player playing Song of Resonance will open the entrance. Once inside, head to the edge of the lake. When the Magick Melody quest begins there a few minutes later, you have to play Song of Resonance to be a quest participant. If you don’t, you won’t get a reward. While random, it should only take you a few attempts to get the Island Soul.

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