There are many different resource types in Breakwaters, Soaring Pixels Games’ action-adventure survival game. These can be gathered both from the ocean as well as the many islands that make up its world. One important resource for building is logs. You might be wondering how to get logs in Breakwaters.

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To get logs in Breakwaters you will need an axe and some trees. Getting logs is a multi-step process. You will first need to chop the tree down. Once the tree has fallen, chop it again to get logs. Depending on the size of the tree, after it has been felled it will break apart into smaller pieces. After that, you simply need to pick them to add them to your inventory.

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Logs are largely used for crafting. Several buildings pieces require them as crafting components so you will need them if you want to build a shelter. Logs are also required for building ships that will allow you to travel out further into the ocean.

With the amount of things that logs are needed for, you should collect as many as you can. As there are only so many trees on an island, you will have to explore and find more islands to increase your log collection.

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