The new Dares of Eternity activity in Destiny 2 has become a fun and rewarding addition to Destiny’s collection of PvE content. It’s an exciting mix of fighting, platforming, and a game of chance. And the rewards are nothing to scoff at either, offering players treasure keys, strange coins, and a chance for some of the new loot introduced in the Anniversary Pack.

But to maximize your rewards and leave the event far from empty-handed, the Lightning Round is what you want. 

A Game of Luck

Unfortunately, if you thought there might be a way to trigger it, you would be sadly mistaken. There is no way to guarantee a Lightning Round will happen at the end of the activity. Just like the main theme of the activity, it’s all a game of luck and chance. But there is something you can do to increase the likelihood of it triggering.

Apparently, you can raise the probability of the Lightning Round triggering by completing the rest of the activity quickly and efficiently. In addition, the probability will go up even more if you complete the activity on Legend difficulty. However, completing the activity on Legend difficulty is no small feat. There are tougher enemies, more champions, and no matchmaking, so having a full fireteam is essential.

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Lightning Round – How It Works

After defeating the final boss in the activity, players may notice that the final loot chest will not spawn. Instead, Xur will make an announcement, regarding a special guest. This will begin the elusive lightning round.

Players will be tasked to capture zones within a given time limit. They will spawn all over the area in addition to a few minibosses and other powerful enemies trying to stop you. If you capture the first round of zones before the time runs out, it will start again with new zones to capture. In total, there will be three rounds of zones to capture. Completing all three rounds successfully will end the activity.

Based on how many rounds of zones you captured during the lightning round, you will be rewarded with the same number of bonus loot chests. So, if you only completed one round, then it’s one extra chest for you. Therefore, completing two or three rounds will give you two or three chests, respectively. In total, you can earn four loot chests by the end of the activity. This makes getting the lightning round much more desirable, and therefore much more difficult.

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