Anime Adventures is one of the popular tower defense games on the Roblox platform. Like most tower defense titles on Roblox, Anime Adventures is filled with dozens of characters from popular anime/manga like One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and more. One among those character units is Lelouch from the Code Geass anime universe. Lelouch is considered the most powerful unit in the game due to his kit ability that allows him to hypnotize enemies, spawn soldiers that will fight on your side, and summon a battlesuit that can inflict tons of damage on enemy units. As a result, he has become the most sought-after character unit in Anime Adventures for players who are serious about climbing ranks in the higher tier.

So, how do you get this almighty powerful unit in Anime Adventures? Well, the only way to get Lelouch is to spin randomly(gacha) through the regular character banner. Still, there are some tips and tricks through which you can obtain the fabled unit.

Tips and Tricks to get Lelouch in Anime Adventures 

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  • Before spinning for the banner, buy the ultra lucky potion from the store for 149 Robux coins.
  • Always roll for characters in packs of 10 instead of opening a single unit.
  • Spin for such secret/rare units when the server population is low. For example, the average population for Anime Adventures is around 40K. So, try to spin when the server has less than 10K concurrent users.

Remember, it always boils down to luck to get these characters. There are players who have spent nearly 100K Gems and have not received Lelouch, while others have got it on their second or third try. So, keep playing and grinding Gems till you can get Lelouch.

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