If you have ever seen people walking around the game with really nice and unique-looking pets, you may have wondered how you can get yourself some of these pets. Read below to find out!

What are Legendary Pets?

When playing Pet Simulator X, you’ll come across many different types of pets. Some are very low-level and basic, like your starter pet. They don’t provide much in the way of speed or strength. But then you have your more unique and rare pets that have coveted Legendary rarity. These will be your rainbow and golden pets, who have much higher effectiveness. The rainbow pets are especially powerful.

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Fusing your pets is the best and most efficient way to get legendary pets. You’ll want to continuously buy eggs that give you high-ranking pets. Once you have accrued a large enough storage of these high-level pets, you can head to the third world to find the fusion machine.

Walk up to the lighted circle and you’ll see the menu above. Increase your chances of getting a really nice pet by fusing as many high-ranking pets together as you can. You can fuse up to twelve pets together. Over time, you can even fuse other legendaries into the mix!

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