Demon Souls can be used for several things like upgrading, crafting, and getting new weapons in the 2020 Demon’s Souls remake. That said, in this guide, we will be explaining how to get Lead Demon Souls and what you can use them for in the game. 

How To Get A Lead Demon’s Soul

To get Lead Demon Souls, you will need to beat the Boss Phalanx that resides behind the locked gate that leads into Boletarian Palace. When killed, the boss will drop a Lead Demon Soul. With that said, here are some helpful tips below to aid you in beating him. 

Helpful Tips For Beating Phalanx

  • If you use melee weapons, use a two-handed weapon and cover it with Pine Resin so you can deal extra fire damage to the boss. You can buy Pine Resin from the Dregling merchant in both the Phalanx Archstone and Tower Knight Archstone.
  • After you get Pine Resin, attack Phalanx head-on and don’t stop, when your stamina gets down, fall back and get into cover and wait for it to replenish. Once it does, go back to attacking Phalanx and keep repeating this until you beat him.
  • For the next tip, we recommend using firebombs that you can buy from the Dregling merchant for 500 souls a piece to deal with Hoplites.

If you follow the tips above, you should have no problem with dealing with the boss. Once you beat the boss, a Lead Demon Soul will appear as a drop; pick it up along with the 1270 souls that drop from Phalanx. After that, you can then use the soul to upgrade a short spear +7 into the scraping spear via Blacksmith Ed. You can buy the short spear for 1500k souls from the Dregling merchant if you don’t have one already. Or you can consume the Demon Soul and gain 1520k souls if you don’t want the upgraded weapon.

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