Tower of Fantasy allows players to diversify their gameplay using a plethora of weapons and unique gadgets known as Relics. These gadgets can help you in both combat, and traversal. One of the best offensive gadgets happen to be the Lava Bomb. Utilizing this Relic, players can incinerate enemies in mere seconds, while simultaneously applying debuffs. In this guide, we will tell you how you can unlock the Lava Bomb Relic in Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock Lava Bomb Relic in Tower of Fantasy

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Players need to collect 20 Lava Bomb shards in order to unlock the Lava Bomb Relic. The best way to farm for Lava Bomb shards is by completing Ruin C-02 in Easy, Normal, and Hard mode. Ruin C-02 is located east of Navia Bay, in the Navia region. Completing Ruin C-02 once in all three difficulty levels will grant the player the following rewards:

  • Easy – 5 Lava Bomb shards
  • Normal – 10 Lava Bomb shards
  • Hard – 15 Lava Bomb shards

Once you have 20 Lava Bomb shards, you can infuse them to unlock the Lava Bomb Relic. You may speed up the process by collecting random Relic shards as rewards for completing challenges in Claire’s Dream Machine. Players can also receive Relic shards from opening Relic shard boxes, which they can obtain from completing weekly challenges.

How to use Lava Bomb Relic in Tower of Fantasy

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The Lava Bomb is an SR Relic which has significant offensive potential, owing to it’s decent damage and short cooldown. When utilized, players will throw a Lava Bomb at a target direction. Upon impact, the bomb will deal massive damage, while simultaneously knocking up enemies caught within the impact radius. Out of combat, the Lava Bomb can also be used as a fire weapon to free up treasures from tar pits and thorn puzzles. Advancing the Lava Bomb Relic will add bonus effects like stunning enemies on-hit, and burning them. Further upgrades will increase the stun duration, increase blast radius, and reduce cooldown. At Advancement level five, the stun duration is increased and enemies lose endurance for a small duration.

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