The Knell Prime is a secondary weapon that was released alongside Harrow Prime and Scourge Prime. It’s best known for its lethal headshot potential, rewarding good aim with disgusting damage.

What relics have Knell Prime components?

Knell Prime components can only be found in three different relics at the moment:

  • Meso A3 has the Knell Prime Reciever as a silver part.
  • Neo K4 has the Knell Prime Barrel as the gold part.
  • Axi P4 has the Knell Prime Blueprint as a bronze blueprint.

In addition to the two parts and the blueprint, players will also need 15,000 Credits and five Orokin Cells to manufacture their Knell Prime.

Where to farm these relics

Meso A3

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Our suggestion for farming Meso A3 is to spend some time on either Io (Jupiter) or Helene (Saturn).

Io and Helene are Defense missions that are popular farming spots for both Meso relics and other resources (Io for Oxium and Helene for combined Affinity and Orokin Cells). Io is faster as it is a wide-open area with an unmoving Defense target, but Helene is a still-speedy and valid alternative if you need Affinity and/or Orokin Cells.

You will always receive a Meso relic on the A rotation for both Io and Helene. You receive an A rotation reward for finishing both five and ten rounds, so leave at ten rounds and start again.

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Neo K4

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

For Neo K4 relics, you should go to Hydron (Sedna).

The Defense mission on Hydron does not have the highest Drop chance for Neo K4, nor does it give guaranteed Neo relics like certain Disruption missions can. But you will always, always, always find a full party of people to run Hydron with. It is the number-one spot for Affinity farming in Warframe so there are always people running it, making it both fast and easy.

Our recommendation is that you equip everything that needs leveled and run Hydron. You’ll have a decently high chance of getting a Neo relic as your reward for rounds five and ten. Leave after that, equip new things as needed, and go again as many times as you can stomach the same mission.

Axi P4

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

We recommend that you go to Apollo (Lua) in your hunt for Axi P4 relics.

Apollo is a tier 3 Disruption mission and you will always receive an Axi relic for earning a B rotation reward in this mission. You can amass Axi relics quickly by forcing the B rotation reward every round. 

To do this, successfully defend all four objectives on round one, defend at least three of them on round two, defend only two-three objectives on round three, and defend only one-two objectives on round four and onwards.

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