Solstice is back in Destiny 2 with a new name and new activity. While Guardians are tasked with defending the European Aerial Zone once more, we’re doing it for a much more meaningful reason this year: loot. Loot is why we do anything in Destiny 2. Part of this new loot grind is acquiring Kindling. Here’s how you can get some.

Where to find Kindling in Destiny 2

Kindling is an exclusive award for completing Triumphs in the Solstice 2022 Event Card. There are 24 such Triumphs available, and all can be viewed from the Quests tab in the Director within said Event Card. Each Triumph ranges in time to complete and difficulty, but all are fairly straightforward and can be completed before Solstice wraps up on August 9, 2022.

The Kindling is used to upgrade the Candescent armor that is given to Guardians by Eva Levante. All 24 Triumphs need to be completed to upgrade a full set of the armor. It’s going to be a grind, for sure, but it’s well worth it, as fully upgraded armor will drop with much higher stats. This is the perfect time for Guardians to craft their perfect set of gear.

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