Keystones and Keystone Pieces are materials that can be used to make Furniture, Growth Materials, Gifts, Tech Records, and more in the Crafting Chamber. While there are so many use cases for these materials, they’re relatively hard to come by in-game, so it’s important to farm them whenever possible.

Here are all the ways you can obtain Keystones and Keystone Pieces in the game.

Keystone Pieces

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Keystone Pieces are essentially fragments, 10 of which make up one Keystone. The only way to obtain them is by collecting Recruitment Points from the limited-time Recruitment gacha.

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You can exchange 200 Points for one of the rate-up three-star Students. But if you fail to meet the 200-Point requirement, all existing Recruitment Points will be converted to Keystone Pieces after the banner ends.

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Daily and Weekly Missions are the most consistent sources for earning Keystones. You’ll get them through the following missions.

  • Daily
    • Clear missions and event quest stages 20 time(s)—x1 Keystone
    • Clear a Hard Mission stage three time(s)—x1 Keystone
  • Weekly
    • Clear a Hard Mission stage 15 time(s)—x3 Keystone
    • Participate in a Tactical Challenge 10 time(s)—x3 Keystone

Don’t forget to claim your Daily and Weekly rewards from the Tasks menu after completing them. Otherwise, they’ll disappear once the next day or week rolls in!

Apart from the above, you can also obtain Keystones by purchasing the Monthly Gift Crafting Pack or Monthly Furniture Crafting Pack for real-life money. They contain x10 Keystone each.

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