To complete BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge, you must complete a series of objectives. One of these objectives will be to join the Mean Girls Clique, but it is unclear how to join it. Luckily it is not as complicated as it may seem at first. In short, if you want to join the Mean Girls Clique, you must first create a female character. You can quickly create a female character by selecting female as your gender during character creation. You will also want to ensure that you have a decent looks stat to help increase your popularity in school.

Having the highest popularity in school will allow you to join the Mean Girls Clique. That said, once you create your character, age up until you reach age 14 to 15. Around this point, your character will enter high school and can join the Mean Girls Clique by finding the Cliques activity option under the School tab. Click the Cliques option, and you can find and join the Mean Girls Clique from the list of available Cliques in School. But before joining the Mean Girls Clique, you will need to make sure you have high popularity. 

How to increase popularity in BitLife

High popularity is a requirement for joining the Mean Girls Clique in BitLife. It is relatively easy to have high popularity if you join a sports team while in school. But to join a sports team such as Soccer or Basketball, you must have high athleticism. You can get high Athleticism by going to the gym and using exercise activities under the Mind and Body tab. You can also get high popularity if you have a high looks stat. Both high athleticism and looks will increase your popularity to the max and allow you to join the Mean Girls clique in BitLife. 

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