NXX Headquarters and all of the Organizations’ members have arrived on the island of Nosta! Explore the island and hunt for the lost treasure of the Great Gold Heist with Marius, Luke, Artem, and Vyn to unlock a diversified amount of rewards.

During the Mysteries of the Lost Gold Series Event, players can obtain Hunter’s Badges while exploring the game’s series of Otome events! An immense amount of Hunter’s Badges will be rewarded to players throughout the game, in a variety of ways and are able to exchange them for for other event rewards.

Screenshot of Tears of Themis gameplay

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A few ways for players to snag and bag these exclusive rewards in ToT, is by simply participating in the game’s event. Players can open up and clear the Episodes on the land areas of the island’s Adventure map and complete the Mediation Levels on the lower left parts of the main map.

MA7 Locators are nifty little gifts, rewarded to players upon completing the event’s tasks and used to scan the island for unruly competitors, nearby. Players can defeat them in debates to obtain Hunter’s Badges, as well.

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