There are plenty of Sync Pairs that you can obtain in Pokémon Masters EX through different means, with Hop and Zamazenta being one of them. If you want to grab them before their respective event ends, you’ll want to go to the Howling Shield of Eternity event option in Legendary Adventures.

To do that, you need to select the Explore option on the game’s main home screen, followed by the Main Story option.

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When you begin Howling Shield of Eternity, you will have the opportunity to complete story missions and Boss battles that will grant you different rewards. You will then reach a story mission titled Strongest Siblings.

When completed, you will be given the Hop and Zamazenta Sync Pair. Once you have the Sync Pair, you will also be given the option to continue the event and get 20 Custom Star Power-Up tickets. These tickets can be given to Hop and Zamazenta to increase their potential and move level, making them stronger.

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