Amazon’s New World offers players many things to do in the MMO. Players can explore the world of Aeternum, harvest plants, and engage in thrilling combat. Of course, as players fight, their weapons eventually become dull and need to be sharpened. This is done with honing stones which may leave players wondering how to get honing stones.

To get honing stones in New World, players can either craft them or purchase them from Trading Posts. When buying honing stones, it’s recommended to sort by the lowest price to save yourself some money. Here is how to craft each level of honing stone in New World.

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NameCrafting RequirementsBonus
Weak Honing Stone1 Stone Block, 1 Death Note, 1 Fire MoteBoosts damage by 4% for 25 minutes
Common Honing Stone1 Stone Brick, 1 Death Wisp, 1 Fire WispBoosts damage by 5% for 30 minutes
Strong Honing Stone1 Lodestone Brick, 1 Death Essence, 1 Fire EssenceBoosts damage by 6% for 35 minutes
Powerful Honing Stone1 Obsidian Voidstone, 1 Death Quintessence, 1 Fire QuintessenceBoosts damage by 7% for 40 minutes

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