If you want to complete the Deadpan Performance Achievement in BitLife, you need to get hired as a zombie extra in a Movie. But before you can get hired as one, you will first need to create a character with acting in mind. 

Start by creating your character and ensuring they have decent Looks stats. Having decent Looks stats will aid your character with their acting career. However, since we are only going after an extra job for this achievement, feel free to ignore this step.

But, if you plan on continuing this character, following these steps will help you later down the line if you want to play as an actor. That said, you can ensure your character has decent looks by re-creating or re-rolling until you get desirable stats.

Once you get decent stats that include high looks, start Aging up until you finish high school at age eighteen. After finishing high school, you can start trying to get an extra job. 

To get a job as an extra, you will need to locate the Special Careers tab. The Special Careers tab can be found under the Job tab located under the Occupation tab. 

Start by clicking on the Occupation tab at the bottom left of your screen. Next, click Special Careers and then find the Actor tab. Under the Actor tab, you can find the option to search for extra jobs. Search under the Extra job tab for one that casts you as a Zombie extra. 

To do this, click on the Extra job option and keep having the game search until you get a role that casts you as a Zombie extra. Once you find a Zombie extra role, accept it, and you will complete the Deadpan Performance Achievement in BitLife. 

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