In Tower of Fantasy, players will come across various Materials that can be used to augment weapons. While some of these can be acquired easily, others are difficult to find. You will come across various Elemental Cores, that can be Fused to obtain a Rare ore. The Heart of Winter in Tower of Fantasy is one of the upgrade Materials required for augmenting weapons, and it can be acquired through various methods. Here’s how to get the Heart of Winter in Tower of Fantasy. 

How to get the Heart of Winter in Tower of Fantasy?

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The Heart of Winter is a Rare ore with ice elemental power in Tower of Fantasy, and you can obtain it by collecting Elemental Ores. Alternatively, you can Fuse four Icecores to obtain a Heart of Winter. Similarly, Fuse five Hearts of Winter to get a Snowsource. These Rare ores have higher purity of the ice element and are used to augment ice elemental weapons. You can also acquire the Heart of Winter from the Weapon Store in exchange for two Black Gold. However, players need to reach Wanderer Level 35 to unlock the Heart of Winter in the Weapon Store.

Weapons like Absolute Zero, Icewind Arrow, Balmung, and Rosy Edge require Icecores and Heart of Winter to augment to higher levels. It is easier to find Icecores while exploring the map, and we recommend players stock up before converting them to Heart of Winter. You will come across various other Materials like Nano Coating, Booster Flame, and Acidproof Glaze, and these are essential for augmenting weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

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