In Tower of Fantasy, Wanderers will find various Materials throughout their journey that are used to upgrade weapons. Some of these items can be acquired simply by exploring, while others are hard to find. Firecore, Icecore, Magcore, and Rockcore are some of the Elemental Cores that you will find in Tower of Fantasy. Similarly, Rare Ores are higher versions of these Elemental Cores. The Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy is one of the upgrade Materials required for augmenting weapons, and you can obtain it via several methods. Here’s how to get the Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy. 

How to get the Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy?

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The Heart of Summit is a Rare ore that requires special Omnium technology to forge. They are rarer versions of Rockcore, and you can obtain the Heart of Summit by collecting Elemental and Crystal Ores. Likewise, you can Fuse four Rockcores to obtain a Heart of Summit. Visit your backpack, and Fuse Rockcores to get a Heart of Summit. These Rare ores have higher elemental purity and are used to augment Grievous type weapons.

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Players can also find the Heart of Summit by defeating Behemoth enemies. These enemies can be found at the locations marked with white circles in the image above. You can also acquire the Heart of Summit from the Weapon Store in exchange for two Black Gold. However, you need to reach Wanderer Level 35 to unlock the Heart of Winter in the Weapon Store. Weapons like the Chakram of the Seas and Nightingale Feather require Rockcores and Hearts of Summit to augment to higher levels. We recommend stocking up on Rockcores before converting them to Hearts of Summit to upgrade weapons quickly.

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