Tower of Fantasy has a range of Materials that players find during their journey, and some of them are used to upgrade weapons. While some of these Materials are easy to come by, others are difficult to find. The four primary Elemental Ores include the Firecore, Icecore, Rockcore, and Magcore. The Heart of Lightning is the higher rarity version of the Magcore, and there are a few ways to find this Material. Here’s how to get the Heart of Lightning in Tower of Fantasy. 

How to get the Heart of Lightning in Tower of Fantasy

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The Heart of Lightning is a Rare ore with volt elemental power. They are higher variants of Magcore, and you can obtain the Heart of Lightning by collecting Elemental Ores. Similarly, you can Fuse four Magcores to obtain a Heart of Lightning. Check your backpack to Fuse four Magcores to get a Heart of Lightning. These Rare ores have higher Volt elemental purity and are used to augment Volt type weapons.

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You can also find the Heart of Lightning by defeating certain enemies like Treasure Guard Disciple Esslewssor. Players will find this enemy at the Northern Ring Ranges at Astra. Visit the location marked with the white circle in the image above to defeat this opponent and obtain the Heart of Lightning. Players can also purchase Heart of Lightning from the Weapon Store for two Black Gold. Although, you will need to increase Wanderer Level to 35 to unlock The Heart of Lightning in the Weapon Store.

Weapons like Thunderblades, Thunderous Halberd, Dual EM Stars, and others require Magcores to augment to higher levels. While Magcores are easy to find, Hearts of Lightning can be difficult to collect. We recommend stocking up on Magcores before converting the lot into Hearts of Lightning. You can also effectively farm this Material by eliminating enemies like Treasure Guard Disciple Esslewssor and by collecting more Elemental Ores.

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