In Tower of Fantasy, players will come across various Materials that are needed to enhance and augment weapons. The four elemental shards include Icecore, Magcore, Rockcore, and Firecore. While most of the basic Materials can be found by exploring the world, some of the higher rarity items are tricky to find. The Heart of Lava is one such item required for augmenting weapons, and there are a few methods to find this in the game. Here’s how to get the Heart of Lava in Tower of Fantasy. 

How to get the Heart of Lava in Tower of Fantasy

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The Heart of Lava is a Rare ore with a higher purity of fire elemental power. It is required to upgrade and augment Flame-type weapons in Tower of Fantasy. To obtain Heart of Lava, you need to collect Elemental Ores by exploring the map. Similarly, players can also synthesize Hearts of Lava by Fusing lower grade Materials. For example, you can obtain one Heart of Lava by Fusing four Firecores. Fusing five Hearts of Fantasy will give players a Sunsource which contains the greatest fire elemental power.

Players can also acquire the Heart of Lava by defeating certain enemies. We have come across other enemies that drop different elemental Hearts, and will update this section when we find an opponent who drops the Heart of Lava. You can also purchase Heart of Lava from the Weapon Store in exchange for two Black Gold. However, you will need to increase Wanderer Level to 35 to unlock The Heart of Lava in the Weapon Store. Weapons like Scythe of the Crow, Negating Cube, Composite Bow, Molten Shield V2, and other Flame-type weapons can be augmented with the Heart of Lava in Tower of Fantasy.

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