Hardwood is one of many resources in the game Stardew Valley, so here is how to get it and what you can make with it. 

How to farm Hardwood in Stardew Valley

To get hardwood, you will need to chop down mahogany trees with any kind of axe. Along with that, you can also get hardwood by chopping down large stumps with a copper axe, or large logs with a steel axe or higher. 

There is also an excellent spot to farm hardwood from large stumps inside the Secret Woods. This is because a total of six large stumps spawn daily inside the woods, thus allowing you to farm a total of 12 hardwood daily. So, if you have the woods unlocked, we highly recommend farming hardwood there. 

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Along with just the 12, you can get even more hardwood if you playing on the Forest Farm map, as there is a total of eight stumps that spawn daily on the left side of the farm. You can also farm hardwood from barrels and crates in the mines and receive a bonus chance of hardwood dropping from normal trees with the Lumberjack profession.

That being said, once you got some hardwood, you will be able to use it for a number of things in the game, like the second farm upgrade or the stable. You can also use it to make a number of items like the cheese press, totems, and the Ostrich Incubator.

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