Like every other multiplayer game in the market, War Thunder has a complex purchase system that revolves around several in-game currencies used to buy different entities. One currency among them is the Golden Eagles. It is a premium currency used to purchase several exclusive additional contents for the game. As of now, there are two ways to get some Golden Eagles. You can either spend real-life money through the game store or participate in tournaments during promotional events.

What items can be purchased using Golden Eagles in War Thunder?

As a premium currency, Golden Eagles can be used to buy some of the best and exclusive additional in-game content, including:

  • Premium vehicles
  • Premium account membership
  • Accelerated research for vehicle progression
  • Accelerated training for crew
  • Additional modifications for vehicles
  • More crew slots past the default five per nation
  • Premium Vehicles Skins for Tanks and Planes
  • Exclusive decorative cosmetic 
  • Exchange for Silver Lions
  • Battle trophies with prizes
  • Ability to create Squadrons

Methods to get Golden Eagles in War Thunder

You can get Golden Eagles via the following methods:

  • Game Store: If you are ready to spend some cash, the best way to get some Golden Eagles is through the game store. At the base price, you can get 150 Golden Eagles for $1.
  • Participating in Promotional Events: If you are not ready to spend a single dime but still want some Golden Eagles to get some premium vehicles, then you should take part in tournaments or quests organized by the developers during Promotion events. The amount of Golden Eagles you will receive depends upon the position you secure in the event.

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