Getting gold coins is an extremely central aspect of playing Pet Simulator X. Coins can control how many pets you own, how much of the map is unlocked, and much more. So, read below to get some tips!


The pets you own can really make a difference in how quickly you collect coins in the fields. You want to try and choose the highest level pets you own for your equipped buddies. They will help you get money a lot more quickly. Buy eggs as you go to continue adding pets and increasing the quality of your pet inventory.

You can also unlock more areas of the map to upgrade your pets (and yourself) or even give your pets special enchantments that will help give them a boost in strength, speed, or coin collection. Don’t delay any upgrades or enchantments. Once you have the money for them, spend it, as this will make collecting gold coins easier and easier.

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Once you reach Basic rank, you can start redeeming codes. To do this, you’ll select the pet icon on the bottom of the screen. This will open a window where you can choose the star icon to pull up the Exclusive Shop. Scroll to the bottom and hit Redeem to be able to enter codes.

There are many useful codes available, though they are subject to expiration at any point. This means you shouldn’t delay entering them when new ones become available.

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