To get Goku in A Universal Time, you will need to first talk to Goku in the game, who will give you the task of gathering a total of seven dragon balls. When you give him the seven dragon balls, he will then require you to complete a quest. Complete this quest, and you will get Goku in a Universal Time.

The Dragon balls can be found randomly around the map, so you will need to search for them until you have around seven of them. Once you have seven, you will need to head back, put them in the bank, and then speak to Goku. 

Goku will then take the seven dragon balls you gathered and give you a quest requiring you to complete the following objectives. 

  • Kill Dio
  • Deal 100 damage
  • Obtain 1000 Ucoin
  • Block 100 damage
  • Take 100 damage

Overall, these objectives are pretty simple to do. A Dio can be found in the forest, kill them to complete that portion of the quest.

Next, you will need to gain 1k Ucoins. These can be found by looting treasure chests, and beating bosses, and fighting other players.

Check this awesome video out for some extra help getting Goku.

For the damage objectives, all you need to do is get into some PVP and block a total of 100 damage, take 100 damage, and also deal at least 100 damage to the hostile player.

After all that, you will be ready to turn the quest by heading back to Goku who can be found on a big mountain area overlooking the town in the game.

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