Ooblets mix of Stardew Valley and Pokemon is quite a cute pairing of games that many people enjoy. On the Pokemon side of things, it looks like Ooblets has created shiny versions of the pets that you will collect! These are known as Gleamy in this game, and I’m sure they will be sought after just like the shiny Pokemon we’ve come to adore. So, we’ll go over some details about these in our how to get Gleamy Ooblets guide!

So, what’s the difference between a normal Ooblet and a Gleamy one? Well, the color scheme is completely changed! They look a whole lot different than a standard one, which makes them standout quite a bit. They also appear to sparkle as they run beside you! Who wouldn’t want a trail of sparkles to follow them as they run around town or tend to their farm?

How to get a Gleamy Ooblet

Just like shiny Pokemon, these are going to be pretty rare to find. When you make your way around the town, you’ll see small groups of Ooblets. Learn to identify each of the species by their coloring. The way to find Gleamy Ooblets is to locate one in these groups that is a different color combination! So, each day you’ll want to run around your town and check all of the groups to see if one in particular is different than others. If there is a differently colored one, that means it’s a Gleamy Ooblet!

If you see a Gleamy one, you will then need to have the items available on you to challenge them to a dance. Each Ooblet has their own specific items required to allow you to dance battle. Once you compete and hopefully beat the Gleamy Ooblet, then you will receive a seed. Go back to your farm and plant this seed to get yourself the shiny little Ooblet. The seed should be a guaranteed Gleamy, so don’t worry about missing out as long as you get that seed.

I’m hoping that in the future we find out about things like a Shiny Charm from Pokemon existing in Ooblet. The actual rarity of these is unknown currently, but it would be nice to have a way to increase the odds in our favor.

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