If you want to get a Hellblade Glavenus egg, you will need to play co-op missions in Monster Hunter Stories 2. However, you will need to play one mission, in particular, Explore, Fire Eggs.

Explore Fire Eggs is a rank eight expedition quest in the game, and only during this quest are players able to encounter this Hellblade Glavenus.

So because of this, you will need to start this mission via the coop mode in the game. But to embark on expedition co-op quests, you will need expedition tickets.

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Luckily you can get these tickets by looting bottle caps from treasure chests and then purchasing the tickets from the melynx vendor – you can also find the tickets while during these expeditions by looting treasure chests.

That said, we highly recommend farming bottle caps to farm for tickets and then farm the Explore Fire Eggs mission to find Hellblade Glavenus.

You will need to fight Hellblade Glavenus before their egg spawns, and towards the end of the co-op is where you can usually find them.

To beat Glavenus, we highly recommend using slash, and pierce weapons on its head and body because Hellblade Glavenus is weak to both damage types.

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