Glabrous Beans are cooking ingredients used to make plenty of Sumeru delicacies, from the yummy Panipuri to Candace’s Special Dish, Utmost Care. Despite being a local staple, these legumes are a little hard to come by, as they can’t be processed through a stove. You can only purchase them from various merchants in Sumeru—here’s where to find them.

Where to buy Glabrous Beans in Genshin Impact

There are only two places you can purchase Glabrous Beans in Sumeru City and Aaru Village. However, they sell 100 stocks at a time, so you’re not likely to run out at any time.

Lambad’s Tavern

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You can purchase 100 Glabrous Beans for 100 Mora each from Lambad in his Tavern, which is located right beside the southern Teleport Waypoint in Sumeru City. Enter the Tavern to find Lambad himself, who’s selling various Dishes and Recipes on top of ingredients. His Glabrous Beans restock daily.

Azalai from Aaru Village

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You can purchase 100 Glabrous Beans for 120 Mora each from a merchant named Azalai, who’s located in Aaru Village. He resupplies daily.

How to use Glabrous Beans in Genshin Impact

These legumes can be used in the following Recipes:

  • Aaru Mixed Rice and its Special Dish variation, Utmost Care
  • Minty Bean Soup
  • Panipuri

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