Getting some extra loot when playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land is always welcome. One of the ways to get some swag along the way is to collect gacha (also known as gotcha) capsules with unique figures inside that can be collected.

Playing the game normally

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

If you are clearing levels, whether doing this in single-player or multiplayer mode, you will get opportunities to collect gacha figures. While in the middle of playing levels, you can find gacha capsules in hidden places, such as boxes or hidden alcoves. Depending on your performance, you can also earn gacha capsules at the end of the level.

Gacha machine in Waddle Dee Town

You can earn the game’s gacha (sometimes spelled gotcha) machine to reside within the town. There are three tiers of gacha machine, earned at points later and later in the game. To unlock the Volume 1 gacha machine, you must first finish the Brawl at the Mall level in gameplay. After this, you’ll have a gacha machine in your town that costs 10 Star Coins for each draw.

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