To roam around the world of Aesperia in Tower of Fantasy with relative ease, you need to advance your weapons to make them stronger. Without doing this, you’ll find fights take a lot longer than they should. ToF uses a material called Fusion Cores to advance your Simulacrum/weapons, but how do you get Fusion Cores for weapon upgrades in Tower of Fantasy?

How to advance your weapons using Fusion Cores in Tower of Fantasy

To get Fusion Cores for weapon upgrades in Tower of Fantasy, you need to get a duplicate SR/SSR weapon using the Special Orders or by completing a quest. Though the quest method is not as common as using Special Orders.

If you have an SSR, such as Crow or Tsubasa, and want to increase their weapons’ star level. You need to get a duplicate Crow or Tsubasa from Special Orders. Once you have obtained a duplicate, it will instantly turn into a Fusion Core for you to use for weapon upgrades.

How to use Fusion Cores in Tower of Fantasy

To use Fusion Cores in Tower of Fantasy is relatively straightforward. Say you just got a Crow duplicate and obtained a Thunderblades Fusion Core. Head to the weapons menu, click on the Thunderblades weapon, then Upgrade. Press Advancement, and in the bottom right-hand corner, the image of the Fusion Core should be 1/1, then tap Advancement to use up the Fusion Core and increase the star level of the weapon.

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All Fusion Cores are named after the duplicate weapon they were made from. You cannot use another Fusion Core to advance another weapon.

What does obtaining stars for a weapon do in Tower of Fantasy?

Obtaining stars for your weapons do a lot in Tower of Fantasy. Not only does it boost up your stats by a bit, but it also unlocks a passive ability for the weapon, and further Advancement earns you more passive abilities.

We’ll use the Thunderblades as an example. By changing the star level of the Thunderblades from zero to one star, you get the following stat increases:

  • Attack from 113 to 132
  • Hp from 6990 to 8155
  • Crit from 87 to 101

You’ll also unlock the following passive ability:

  • Attacking targets from behind increases crit rate of all dual blades attacks by 40%. Backstabbing an electrified target increases crit rate by 100% and crit damage by 30%.
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Once you get more Fusion Cores to advance this weapon to increase its stars, you’ll unlock more passive abilities:

  • Two Star
    • Increase the current weapon’s base Attack growth by 16%.
  • Three Star
    • Increase damage by 30% to targets with less than 60% HP.
  • Four Star
    • Increase the current weapon’s HP growth by 32%.
  • Five Star
    • Triggering a Back Attack grants 100% crit chance for the next four seconds and increases crit damage by 50%. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
  • Six Star
    • After using a skill, increase volt damage dealt to the target by 20% for 20 seconds.

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