Funnelweb is a legendary energy submachine gun that was added to Destiny 2 as part of the Witch Queen expansion. This weapon is excellent in PVE and PVP, making it a desirable weapon among many players. We’ll cover how great the weapon is and exactly how to acquire it.

Where to find the Funnelweb

Image via Bungie

During the Season of the Risen, players can find this weapon as a world drop. World Drops can be gotten through several various interactions within an area. This includes opening Legendary Engrams, leveling up at the Gunsmith’s public events, and searching within Lost Sectors. However, this season will end much like any other event so be diligent. It can be found in a lot of random ways like completing world and daily quests/challenges.

Aside from dealing hefty damage, the Funnelweb is a great weapon due to its Intrinsic Trait called Lightweight Frame. This trait makes the handling of the weapon wonderful as well as adds to the player’s speed when the weapon is equipped. Outside of this, the weapon receives another origin trait Vice Stinger, which allows the player to reload while damaging an enemy. The Funnelweb goes at a rate of 900 rounds per minute and deals a portion of nearly every damage type. Ensuring that this weapon is the perfect option for run and gun sprees.

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