There’s nothing like a brisk trek through the Frost Islands in Monster Hunter Rise. The Sunbreak expansion takes us back to this winter wonderland to not only hunt fierce monsters, but also to gather crafting reagents. These materials, like Frocium, are then used for crafting the highest-quality gear. Here’s how you can get Frocium in MHR Sunbreak.

Where to find Frocium in MHR Sunbreak

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Frocium is found exclusively in the frozen landscape of the Frost Islands on Master Rank quests or Expeditions. Just be sure to watch out for Barioth when farming! One can use this handy map as a reference, or simply use the palamute’s Sniff it Out! ability to easily track Frocium on your mini-map.

Frocium Usage

This chilly metal is used in crafting a wide variety of weapons and armor. In particular, it is integral to crafting the Alloy set.

Weapons that use FrociumArmor that uses Frocium
Reversal Barrage +Alloy Helm X
Elite Bowgun +Alloy Mail X
Dauntless BayonetAlloy Vambraces X
Lagombavarice +Alloy Coil X
Jaeger Prime IIAlloy Greaves X
Tetranadon Mail X
Utsushi True Mask (H)
Utsushi True Mask (V)
Baggi Mail X
Baggi Greaves X
Barioth Helm X
Channeler’s Hair Tie (Spring)
Damascus Greaves X
Goss Harag Greaves X
Hawk Gloves
Ingot Helm X
Ingot Coil X
Medium’s Hair Tie (Light)
Lecturer’s Hood
Lecturer’s Gloves
Lagombi Vambraces X

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