A major event is never complete without a giveaway of free R cards. A Love Poem to Skadi takes on that mantle by giving one R card for each male lead. These are extremely easy to get, so don’t miss out on picking them up while the event is running until Jan. 25, 2022.

Chat with Male Leads

To get the R cards, you simply need to chat with the male leads at least once during the event period. Chatting with them more times will merit you more copies of their respective cards to upgrade.

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Every day, you’ll see chibi icons of the male leads pop up beside key locations.

  • Marius: Seti Falls
  • Artem: Sakya Fjord
  • Vyn: Faerie Town
  • Luke: Night Beach

Clicking on the locations will automatically prompt a short dialogue with the male lead assigned to each area. You can only unlock one chat per male lead per day, but 14 chats for each of them are required to obtain all free copies of the R cards.

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Where to Claim R Cards

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Head to the Skadi Journal and select Scenic Travels, where you’ll find various tasks that you can perform to obtain rewards. That includes chatting with the male leads, which will reward you with an R card after completing one, four, eight, 12, and 14 chats.

Earn more rewards by completing Daily Jobs. Check out our Tears of Themis A Love Poem to Skadi event Reputation guide to help you maneuver resident Affections.

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