The annual ROliday event, set to release on Dec. 16, 2021, is bringing more than just a festive map and scavenger hunt this year—it’s also introducing new, hand-designed avatar items for players to collect and wear outside of the experience for the first time. This is a huge milestone for independently developed experiences like ROliday, which was not affiliated with Roblox for the first six years of its release, as it shows that small designs and creators can grow to produce successful ideas with large impacts. To find out how you can obtain these one-of-a-kind, and first of their kind, avatar items, continue reading below.

Why does ROliday have items this year?

Unlike the years prior, ROliday is now an official Roblox event. So what does this mean? To put it simply, ROliday has become such a popular experience, and one that so many users love and look forward to each year, that Roblox has decided to step up and offer developer younite a chance to take this experience to the next level.

With ROliday being an official Roblox event, it has tons of potential for the years to come, with these free items only acting as the first stepping stones to even bigger possibilities in the future.

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What are the free items?

The two free items that will be available to obtain in this experience are the Flurry Belt and Ice Brain head, both of which will wearable outside of the ROliday event.

How to get free items?

At time of this article’s publication, there is limited information as to how these items mentioned above can be obtained. For the moment, it seems as though the Ice Brain will be given to anyone who joins the ROliday event anytime between its launch on Dec. 16, 2021 and its end on Jan. 4, 2022. The Flurry Belt on the other hand, will require a bit more effort in order to unlock.

To obtain the Flurry Belt, players will need to participate in the ROliday Rumble, a minigame quest that challenges participants to defeat waves of enemies and take down the final Ice Brain boss. Those who are successful in this quest will be awarded with this super weapon belt.

In the meantime…

While we wait for the ROliday festivities to begin, Pro Game Guides would suggest checking out some of the other Christmas updates that have just dropped on Roblox, including Bloxburg, Adopt Me, and Royale High! When ROliday is fully released we will update this guide accordingly if any new, helpful information is released along with it.

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