Stardew Valley has plenty of items for players to use in various ways. The game is about farming and relaxing in the countryside, so parts of your journey will lead you to look for different plants. One of the difficult to find plants are Fiddlehead Ferns.

Where to find Fiddlehead Ferns in Stardew Valley

In the summer, Fiddlehead Ferns can be found in abundance in the Secret Woods. If you want to get to the Secret Woods, you must first go to the south exit of your farm. If you chop down the fallen log (with a Steel Axe or higher) on the northwest corner of Cindersap Forest, you will gain access to the Secret Woods.

In addition, you can visit the Prehistoric Floors at the Skull Cavern in the Calico Desert. On Ginger Island, they can also be found in the jungles, found less frequently but randomly.

All of these areas will not be accessible until you have completed your first year in the game. You might want to wait a while before trying to get an item like Fiddlehead Fern, or you might want to try to rush a Steel Axe so you can get to the Secret Woods.

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