In order to complete Merlin’s Final Trial quest line and upgrade your watering can, you’ll need to gather Falling Water and grow an Ice Heart. Here’s how you can obtain both items so that you can finally break down the large mushrooms that block off sections of the Glade of Trust.

How to get Falling Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While Falling Water sounds like a fancy item that’s hard to find, it’s actually fairly common. Falling Water is just water collected from the waterfall at the southern part of the Glade of Trust.

Go to the stream that’s near the stone bridge by the waterfall. There, you should notice sparkles in the standing water. A prompt should appear for you to check the sparkles. Once you check the sparkles, you will have obtained Falling Water.

How to get an Ice Heart in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlike Falling Water, which you gather, you need to grow an Ice Heart. Take the Ice Tear Seed that was contained in the pages of the enchantment book that Merlin gifted you. Dig a hole, plant the Ice Tear Seed like any other plant, and water it with your watering can.

The plant should only take a few seconds to grow, after which you can harvest an Ice Heart. After harvesting, the plant will disappear and cannot be regrown.

Once you have Falling Water and an Ice Heart you’re almost ready to create the ointment needed to upgrade your watering can. Simply take a character gifted in Foraging and gather 25 Mushrooms from the Glade of Trust and then head to a crafting table to make the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment. Take your potion to Merlin and he’ll give you a watering can capable of breaking down the mightiest mushrooms. In addition, he’ll also give you a super cool wizard hat – which is really the best part of this quest, if we’re being honest.

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