Eventually, in Foreclosed, you will get yourself a weapon that doesn’t explode people’s implants. Instead, you acquire a gun, and you can shoot people in the face. When you obtain the gun, you’ll notice you’ll get experience points after your first enemy encounter.

Once that experience bar is filled to the brim, the game will tell you that you have an Experience Point that needs spending. Press the Back button on a controller or I on keyboard, and this will open the Implants Menu. Press RB, or right arrow key, to navigate to the Weapon Tab.

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Explosive bullets are the middle choice on the top row. You need to have one bar of experience point stored. Then all you need to do is hold down A or E, and a circle gauge will appear around the letter. Keep holding it down until the circle is complete, and it will then have unlocked.

Now you have to equip it, or your bullets will not gain the explosive effect. To do this, press A or E once again on the icon and it’ll become equipped. You can tell if it’s equipped because the same icon will appear in one of the three blue squares to the right side of the screen, next to the gun.

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