The Daedric War Celebration event is happening in Elder Scrolls: Online from January 20 to February 1, at which time, players can get several tickets to buy special event items. To gain tickets for the event, players must commit to doing dailies in one of three places. These places are Vvardenfell, the Clockwork City, and Summerset. We’ll go over what kinds of dailies are available in each region, how to get there, and what sort of event items can then be purchased.

Daedric War Celebration Event Locations

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The three places where players can earn tickets for the event Vvardenfell, the Clockwork City, and Summerset may not be accessible to all players. All of these areas were originally considered DLC content, however, the Morrowind DLC, containing Vvardenfell is now included in the sale of the base game, making it somewhat more accessible.

Outside of this, the Clockwork City, and Summerset DLCs must be purchased separately. Both can be bought with in-game currency, Crowns, and Summerset can be purchased in most game stores, both online and physical, with cash. Otherwise, players can join the Elder Scrolls: Online subscription for $15 a month to receive access to all DLC content. Once purchased, players should gain access to at least one Wayshrine within the continent of the DLC.

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Daily Quests to Complete

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Once players have started the event by picking up the quest Guidance for Guides, from the Quest Starter tab in the Crowns Store, players will start earning event items from all tasks done within the three locations listed previously. Remember these dailies are specific area dailies and Endeavor Dailies.

Morrowind Dailies: Within Vvardenfell there are two main places players can go to get dailies. The Ashlander dailies can be found in Ald’ruhn whereas the Morag Tong dailies are found in the Temple Canton of Vivec.

Clockwork City Dailies: Players can find all four Daily contractors within the Brass Fortress.

Summerset Dailies: Lastly, players can find the three Daily contractors in Alinor.

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Daedric War Purchasable Items

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Within the Impresario tent, an event tent outside of all major cities in ESO, players can speak with the Impresario to trade their tickets for items. Players can hold up to 12 event tickets at a time and can earn two per day per account. Meaning, to get 12 total event tickets, players will need to complete dailies for at least six days.

For this event, the Impresario will be selling:

  • Bound Style Pages: Evergloam Champion – Axe, Battle Axe, Bow, Dagger, Greatsword, Mace, Maul, Shield, Staff, and Sword.
  • Fragments
    • Aureate Anointing Oils – Morphs a Soulfire Dragon Illusion into the Scales of Akatosh skin.
    • Hallowed Hourglass Basin – 1/3 of the items needed to create a Soulfire Dragon Illusion
    • Illuminated Dragon Scroll – 2/3 of the items needed to create a Soulfire Dragon Illusion
    • Kvatchian Incense – 3/3 of the items needed to create a Soulfire Dragon Illusion
  • Impresario’s Group Repair Kit
  • Gloam Gryphon Fledgling

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