The Enviska’s Talisman is a difficult collectible to find in Lost Ark. While most collectible items are found randomly while playing in certain areas, we found this one after beating a World Boss. You will be able to find Enviska’s Talisman when you reach the Rohendel Continent.

Where to find Enviska’s Talisman collectible in Rohendel

We found Enviska’s Talisman after beating World Boss Magmadon. It is not guaranteed to drop during that boss fight, but that’s where it appeared for us. If you’d like to try our method, organize a team and take on the World Boss.

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We are not saying this is the only way to find it, but sometimes World Bosses drop extra items for lucky players. In either case, your best bet is to go to the Xeneela Ruins, where Magmadon is, and kill the monsters on the west side of the map.

It is normal for these collectibles to fall after killing monsters with glowing orbs above their heads. There is just as good a chance that Enviska’s Talisman will drop from those alpha monsters.

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